As on-an automation equipment for main/standby transferred power supply, ATS and diesel generator composed to be emergency power system when the mains failure. It is widely used in bank, hospital, telecommunication, airport, hotel, etc.


Features of  ATS:

· Automatic transfer switch

· Manual/Auto option

· Mechanical and electrical interlock ensure safety and


· Acid cleaning, phosphate treatment and plastic spray on

   the surface

· Steady performance and durability





Paralleling System:

Paralleling system works together with generating sets can automatically control a number of diesel generating sets running in network.

Compared with single generating sets, the advantages are steady power and voltage, huge-volume load impact burdening and reliable electricity supply.

Features of paralleling system:

· PLC centralized logic control

· Easy to extend the volume to satisfy the need of load


· Synchronizer auto capture and parallel

· Load divider automatically divide load according to


· Auto add and lessen the number of sets according to load


· Short circuit, overload and reverse power protection

· Max. 32 paralleling sets

· Rotate operation of many sets